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Terms and Conditions of Unconditional Love Adoption Drive

  1. The applicant(s) needs to complete an adoption application form on dotsure.co.za website at the following link: Pet Adoption Form
  2. Representatives from dotsure.co.za will do a preliminary screening of the application forms and pass qualifying application forms on to the AACL.
    • Please note: In an attempt to make the transition on the animal as stress free as possible, applicants in closer proximity to the shelter where the animal is homed, will receive preferential adoption consideration.
  3. The applicant(s) will then need to complete a property inspection form which will be screened by representatives from the AACL to ensure that applicant(s) meet the adoption criteria and a shortlist of candidates will be drawn up by the AACL.
  4. Should you make the shortlist and your application meets the requirements as set out by the AACL, a representative from the AACL will be in contact with you to arrange a home visit.
  5. An inspector will visit the applicant(s) and complete a property assessment, upon which he/she will either authorize the property application or if the property is not up to standard, the inspector will advise on what is needed to meet the criteria (for example make wall taller, get a gate, etc). The applicant will be given time to correct this. The property will then be re-evaluated.
  6. The successful applicant(s), as selected by the AACL will be informed via email of their decision and will have to visit the AACL branch, where the shelter animal up for adoption is homed, to meet the pet and introduce the new pet to the family and other pets in the home.
  7. The successful applicant(s) will then complete and sign an adoption agreement as drawn up by the AACL.
  8. The successful applicant(s) will be responsible for collecting and transporting their new adopted pet to their new home.
  9. Successful applicant(s) will have a property recheck done by the AACL within 6 months of the adoption, to check if the pet and family have settled down.
  10. All successful applicant(s) grant dotsure.co.za permission to use their story, pictures, etc. for media/ marketing purposes and grant dotsure.co.za permission to visit the family home for a status update on the pet and how he/she has adapted.
  11. Only persons permanently residing in the Republic of South Africa may apply to adopt the animals.
  12. The AACL and dotsure.co.za reserves the right to place the adoptable pet with a family they feel suited on a first come, first serve base. No correspondence will be entered into and we will do our utmost to find all families and pets a loving home.
  13. Please note that all applications will be considered. Should you not be selected or not make the shortlist to adopt the featured shelter animal, your details will be kept and a representative from the AACL closest to your hometown will be in contact with you to try and find you a suitable match.
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